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EXIT NFT Collections

// EXIT NFT Collections

Exclusive Collections Exclusive Collections

The EXIT NFT collections below present a unique multiverse journey that mixes tangible with the abstract, creating a life-long memory.

Start your travel by entering secret festival areas only few have seen so far, get exclusive access to onstage and special VIP zones, and stardust your visit with meet-and-greets with your favorite music acts. Awaken the kid in you with hidden treasure hunts, and stay for the other marvelous digital rewards and gifts that await.

Tribe NFT

01 / Tribe

Together, we’ve proven that miracles are real! Only Together we will win the fight and create an Open Metaverse, for the people, owned by YOU.

Were you among the first ones to join us on Discord and claim your NFT gift? Congrats, you are a part of the NFTribe! Check your wallet on May 12th!

And if you still haven’t joined us, don’t worry, jump into our Discord now, because we will continue rewarding our NFTribe.

02 / Headphones

EXIT Festival EXIT Festival

The first ever EX1T 01 logo has now been recreated and animated in 3D, bringing EXIT values such as Love, Freedom and Unity to new digital worlds.

Launch Date: June 24

03 / Shades

w/ Maceo Plex w/ Maceo Plex

Dive into the limitless dimension with one of the biggest acts on the electronic scene, Maceo Plex, and see the Virtual Universe through his eyes with these spectacular shades.

Mint starts on June 21

04 / Wings

w/ Christina Carmela w/ Christina Carmela

Fly through incredible live experiences into the Metaverse on the majestic wings of pilot, model and women rights activist Christina Carmela.

Mint starts on June 20

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