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Leap into a multidimensional journey that opens you an EXIT to the best of both worlds, combining superior digital with extraordinary real-life experiences

After creating the first major post-pandemic festival, EXIT is once again guarding your right of human contact! That’s why we’re bringing you cutting-edge digital art featuring once-in-a-life-time experiences in real world!

EXIT NFT Collections

Together, we’ve proven that miracles are real! Only Together we will win the fight and create an Open Metaverse, for the people, owned by YOU.​

The first ever EX1T 01 logo has now been recreated and animated in 3D. Bringing EXIT values such as Love, Freedom and Unity to new digital worlds.​

Dive into the limitless dimension with one of the biggest acts on the electronic scene, Maceo Plex, and see the Virtual Universe through his eyes with these spectacular shades.​

Fly through incredible live experiences into the Metaverse on the majestic wings of pilot, model and women rights activist Christina Carmela.​

FREEDOM is never given, we have to FIGHT for it again and AGAIN

In 2000, 22 years ago, we gathered for the first time, and found an EXIT from oppression and dictatorship – to peace and FREEDOM. In the following years we grew fast, and EXIT became one of the world’s leading music festivals.

In 2021, we created one of the most significant gatherings in recent memory, and together we found an EXIT from the pandemic – as the first major festival in the world to be held after 18 months of isolation. Hope came alive again as we defended our human right to stand together, next to each other, to TOUCH.

Once again, we sprung over countless obstacles, so we can be FREE.

Now, in 2022, we’re opening another EXIT, by entering the Metaverse. Why? Well, it could use a human touch, wouldn’t you say? So yes, we’re going to shake it up. Because there are forces, powerful ones, that want all of us glued to our screens, so they can transform our life energies into bland profit sheets. They want to create a closed Metaverse, owned by corporations and not by the people.

But we’re not going to sit by idly and accept that.

We will take part in creating an Open Metaverse, built for the people, owned by the people. We will dive into the boarderless digital world only to EXIT back together, more powerful here in real life, spiced with marvelous treats. That’s why we’re designing our NFTs that you will be able to use in the Metaverse to fully enjoy that space, but along with astounding real-life experiences. Yes- the best of both worlds, as we will not settle for nothing less.

You are welcome to JOIN THIS MOVEMENT and take part in the R(eal) :EVOLUTION from the beginning!

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the best of both worlds!

The Journey to multidimensional reality

Holders of exclusive EXIT NFTs will be opening the doors of extraordinary real-life experiences that a few have come across so far. Some exclusives you may nab include access to the stage and backstage area, hanging out with global stars, secret parties at hidden locations, and many other surprises, including the possibility of music superstars digitally at your private party!

There are also a bunch of marvelous digital rewards that EXIT NFTs will be unlocking, such as whitelisting for every new NFT collection, surprise exclusive festival sets and live streams, hidden treasure hunts, gifts and much more!

And don’t get us started on other goodies, such as the random and diverse NFT gifts that will be dropping monthly, straight to your wallet! The rest is to be discovered on your journey.

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